Fabrication & Erection

Fabrication & ErectionThroughout Martin Iron Work’s 75 years, it’s learned that being able to provide the total package has become invaluable. It is one of the rare steel companies left today that can provide fabrication and erection of reinforcing and structural steel for anything from large structural projects to custom homes.

AISC LogoCapabilities range from fabricating ornamental iron products to plate girders that are 100 feet long and 11 feet tall, wide flange trusses up to 160′ long, metal deck, bar grating and steel joist. Another great advantage is that the shop is AISC certified for category 1 and 2, complex steel structures and simple bridges. This certification is commonly specified on large scale projects, waiving many special shop inspection requirements, resulting in lower expenses for the developer.

Martin Iron Works has a total of three fabrication shops; each specialized for structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication. The latest technology is used to keep ahead of the competition with a focus on project quality control. The contractor/owner can be reassured that the product produced is of the highest quality and exceeds all standards.