About Martin Iron Works, Inc.


Martin Iron Works Office
Founder, Martin Schwamb
Established in 1939, Martin Iron Works was named after its founder Martin Schwamb, a native German who learned the ornamental iron trade in his homeland. Schwamb worked in the structural steel industry in New York for several years prior to establishing his roots in Reno and building his own fabrication shop. The company quickly became prosperous and was undertaking major projects in the region.

Bill Granata, Successor To Martin Schwamb
Past president from 1974 to 1988, Bill Granata was well-known in local politics, serving on the Reno City Council for four years. He learned the steel trade during his years in the Navy as an underwater welder. He was very skilled in the ornamental iron works.


Piero Bullentini
Piero Bullentini, President
Named president in 1989, Piero Bullentini began his career with Martin Iron Works in 1956, at the young age of 18 as a shop helper. Working his way up through the shop, Piero mastered each facet of the industry until being named vice president in 1978, and president 11 years later. With over 55 years at Martin Iron Works, Piero continues to be hands on and goes nonstop, working seven-days-a-week. He is truly a role model for discipline, dedication and hard work. He was honored with the SIR (Skill, Integrity and Responsibility) Award in 2002 from his community peers. He was president of the Associated General Contractors in 1999 and still serves on the National Board of Directors.
Mario Bullentini
Mario Bullentini, Executive Vice President
Mario Bullentini, with an engineering degree from the University of Nevada, has strongly contributed to Martin Iron Works’ standards. His background in engineering and aggressive approach towards project management and teamwork brings a new dimension to the ever-changing industry. His leadership role with the company has led to Martin Iron Works being at the forefront of design build, design assist and multiple negotiated projects. Mario’s ability to forecast industry trends, coupled with constant upgrading of bidding strategies, has kept Martin Iron Works on the competitive edge.
Patricia Bullentini-Kuzanek
Patricia Bullentini, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Trish started working part-time with the company in 1985. After receiving her degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, she began full-time work with Martin Iron Works. Trish is the vice president and chief financial officer of the company. Her numerous duties include managing the accounting department, human resources, loss control, insurance, contracts, administration and business marketing. Trish is continuously educating herself to keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulations concerning the construction industry.